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New Available In Stock Air Pistols

         Christmas Special

  Crosman 2240 Bespoke Kit

  Crosman 2240 .22
    Pistol Scope & Mounts
    A-Tec Silencer
    CO2 Canisters
    Large Carry Case
 Beretta M 92 FS .177 Pellet CO2  - £189.99
  Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) pellet
  Magazine capacity 8 shot(s)
  Velocity 120 m/s
  Trigger Single- and Double Action
  Length 210 mm
  Weight 1260 g
  GunTuff 1/2" UNF Silencer / Moderator
  Adaptor For Beretta 92FS     Co2 Air Pistol

  High quality 1/2" UNF male threaded adaptor - suits most
  popular 1/2" UNF female threaded silencers.
  Made for us by a leading UK manufacturer to the highest
  Fits .177 lead pellet firing Beretta 92FS Co2 pistols only
  (won't fit  ANY OTHER models including soft air).
  Supplied with hex key, please note the adaptor is held on
  by a grub screw that will slightly mark the gun.

  Main image shows 2 images which is ONE adaptor.
  Image shows with and without thread protector.

GunTuff Thread Protector - £2.99

GunTuff 1/2" UNF Silencer Adaptor - £9.99
  Umarex177 Break Barrel Air Pistol - £110.00
   The Trevox is fir Trevox .ing at 5.5ft/lbs and is a single shot
   gas-piston system break barrel pistol.
   This has a solid ABS construction with a barrel
   extender to help cock the pistol, adjustable built in
   fibre optic sights, safety and an excellent trigger pull.
  Air Force One Tornado Break Barrel .22 - £130.00
    Muzzlw Break - Fibre Optic Sights - Nitro Ram
  SMK Super Air Pistol Break Barrel .177 - £39.95
    Hardwood Stock - Rifled Barrel - Spring Piston
 This .22 caliber air pistol features an improved bolt
  design for easier cocking and loading.
  The rifled steel barrel provides greater accuracy
  and CO2 power provided by the 12 gram
  Powerlet provides 460 feet per second of power.
  A thumbrest on both grip panels.
  Rear sight is open and fully adjustable. - £89.99
   Artemis PP700S-A PCP Single Shot .177 or .22 - £270.00
              Gun Specification
   Artemis PP700S-A PCP Single Shot .22 - £388.99
   Gun Kit (Pistol / Rifle)

Folding Shoulder Stock
   Stumpy Silencer.
   The Complet Gun Kit Fits Into a Large Pistol Case

               Gun Specification
  Artemis PP700S-A PCP Single Shot .22 - £388.99
   Gun Kit Folded

Folding Shoulder Stock
   Stumpy Silencer.
   The Complet Gun Kit Fits Into a Large Pistol Case

               Gun Specification
  Artemis PP700S-A PCP Single Shot .22 - £388.99
   Gun Kit Folded

The Kit fits into a large Pistol Case.
   Case extra - £24.99

   East to store
   Takes up hardly any room in the boot
   Take it Camping
   Ideal for confined vermin locations

   Total Price - £413.98
  Crosman S 1911 Pistol Spring Powered  Single Shot Kit
   Spring Powered, Single Shot 1911 Pistol
   Comes with Sticky Target and 250 BBs
   Black and flat dark earth coloring
   Picatinny rail for accessory mounting
   Golf ball grip pattern for added traction
   Skeletonized trigger
   Ring hammer          
  KWC Tactical 1911 Black co2 4.5 BB - £139.95
   Weight 914 g
  Capacity: 16 rds
  Power: 320 fps (0.94 Joules)
  Power Source: CO2
  Blowback: YES
  Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
  Milbro Tactical 1911 Rail Black 4.5 BB - £139.95
  Milbro Tactical 1911 Rail Silver  4.5 BB - £139.95

   Walther Umarex Co2 P38 Legendary .177
20 round BB Blowback -
               Gun Specification

   Walther Umarex Colt .45 SAA Co2  Blued .177
6 Shot single action pellet - £248.00
Gun Specification

     Swiss Arms 6" 357 4.5 BBs Co2 - £149.00
               Gun Specification

   Beeman Single Stroke Pnuematic .22 Pellet
   Model 2004 -
              Gun Specification

   Beeman Single Stroke Pnuematic .177 Pellet
   Model P17 -
  With Red Dot Scope
    Remington 1911 Silver Co2 4.5 BB - £149.95
    Full Metal Blowback - Field stripable

    Gun Specification
   Tolmar Grandpower BB CO2 P1 Mk7 - £119.95
              Gun Specification

   ISSC M22 4.5 BB Co2 - £119.95
     Gun Specification

   Black Ops Justice Dealer Co2 4.5 BB - £139.95
    Gun Specification

    Milbro M92 Rail Co2 4.5 BB - £139.95
    Gun Specification

   Milbro 357 .177 Co2 4.5 BB - £119.95
    Gun Specification
   Victory CP1 .177 Co2 - £129.95
    Gun Specification
  KWC 357 Silver (2.5" Barrel)  Co2 4.5 BB - £139.95
    Gun Specification
  Remington Soft Pistol Case - £14.99
Carry handle
   Soft Sponge Lining
   Black in colour
   Clear out side pocket for easy identification
    Milbro Tactical Universal Hard Case- £9.99
   Large Pistol Case - £24.99
  Range Right Large Pistol Case - £28.00
All pistol cases come made of high grade polypropylene
  with plastic hinges, two locking points for padlocks
  & two durable catches.
  All come lined with egg foam both sides.
  Internal: Length: 50cm Width: 30cm Depth: 8.5cm
  External: Length: 52cm Width: 34cm Depth: 9.5cm
    Umarex Colt SAA .45 Peace  Maker Shells - £12.99
     Umarex Python 357 Shells - £18.99
    3x Umarex Walther Co2 8 Shot Pistol
      4.5mm 177 Magazines

       3 x £28.99
       1 x £9.99
Available To Order Air Pistols
We order mainly from the following companies but we will try and
source makes not stocked.
  Range Right     Armex      SMK
Pre-Owned Air Pistols
  Model 357 4.5mm BB CO2 Pistol - £125.00
 Semi Auto 2.5 inch Barrel
   Abosluteley MINT CONDITON

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