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Shotgun Miscellaneous Items

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miscellaneous items     


New Available In Stock Miscellaneous Items


Jack Pike Boot Puller  -  £5.50

  Jack Pike Boot Bag  -  £19.95
Suitable for all boots, including wellingtons.
   Zip fastening system, carrying handle.
    Jack Pyke Bucket Hide Seat  -  £34.95

   24 litre bucket with swivel seat lid made with foam and
   a 600D cordura English Woodland camo cover.
   Green / English Woodland Camo
   48cm High, 30cm top dia, 26cm bottom dia.

    Shooting Cussion  -  £28.99
    Kronus Forest Binoculars  8x21 -  £29.99

   Purse Net  - without peg -  £4.50  with peg - £5.00
In Green - Yellow - Orange


   Bisley Purse Net  -  No Peg -  £3.00
Pegs - 50p
    Purse Net Peg - 50p
    Jack Pyke Game Carrier  -  £10.00
  Camo Net  150 x 450cm -  £20.00
  Camo Net  Stealth Caamo 4 x 1.5m -  £32.00
2 Layer system
   3D English Oak
   Front with brown backing net
  Clear View Hide Net 4 x 1.5m -  £34.95
  Jack Pyke Clearview Hide Netting
   4m x 1.5m (approx. cut size)
   Printed in English Oak or English Woodland design
   Ultra clear view from the inside
   Creates a very versatile, English woodland camouflage
   Tough & lightweight nylon net printed in a choice of camo
   Size 4m x 1.5m (approx. cut size)
  Stubble And Reed Net 3 x 1.4m -  £29.95
3-D Digital Patterned
   3 x 1.4m approx* (see below)
   Sand & Khaki
   UV treated
   100% waterproof
   Rot/mold Resistant
   Effective 3-D Digital Pattern
  Micro X Double Duty Sharpener -  £10.99


   Carbide restores edge fast
   Ceramic for finished edge
   Ceramic sharpens serrations
   Preset angle eliminates guess work
   Slip resistant grip
   Fast-safe-easy to use

  Blade Tech Knife & Tool Sharpener -  £9.99
 Pocket Knives, Kitchen Knives
   Secateurs, Hedge or Edging Shears
   Loppers, Axes, Scissors
   Spoon Carving Knives (Diamond Taper Steel Only)
   Serrated Knives (Diamond Taper Steel Only)
   Fishing Hooks (Diamond Taper Steel Only)
   Hoof Knives (Diamond Taper Steel Only)

  Armex Multi Tool -  £25.99
  Traditional Lanyard 3 mm -  £5.99
  Jack Pyke Paracord 3mm Green  -  £1.00 Per Meter
   Gorilla Tape Camo  -  £8.50
  Jack Pyke Knife Fork & Spoon Set -  £6.50

Military Style folding Knife,
   Fork and Spoon Set which comes
   in a compact pouch with belt
   fittings on the reverse
  Jack Pyke Countryman Mug -  £8.50
   Jack Pyke Countryman Lighter -  £16.95

Petrol fuel Lighter
   Made by Jack Pyke
   Leather belt pouch with clip
   Colour Green
   Comes in presentation box
   Guarantee and full instructions
  Jack Pyke Hand Tally -  £4.50

 Chrome number counter
   Four digit: 0000-9999
   Zero clearing button
   Metal body with thumb ring for ease of use

   Suitable for counting, easily keep count of yours shots,
   Jack Pyke Hip Flask -  £7.50
    Flask By Artesania En Piel  -  £28.99

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