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Field Sports Supplies


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PURCHASE will depend on MAKE and Condition
If you no longer use your air rifle it could be worth
Classic Original Air Rifles Wanted
Diana - BSA - Webley etc

sale items & special offers     
you must be 18 or over to purchase airguns

Save the expense of a new bottle
£70 will re-test & fill your PCP
Air Gun Charging Bottle
Call in or Phone: 07778342464


5 x Co2 12gr Cartridges  £3-25

Best Offers are for cash sales!

Phoenix Specials

     Bunker Buster Blowgun & Plastic Darts - £25.00
    Comes with Soft air Shooting Target. Great Fun!

    Bunker Buster Blowgun Darts
    Ideal to use on Dartboards.
    6 for £2.50
12 for £4.50


    Nova Vista Spitfire 4.5 BB Green Kit - £150.00
Multi Pump Pnuematic
   Gun Slip
    Red Dot Sight
    2500 4.5 BB's
    Rollong Target

    Nova Vista Spitfire 4.5 BB Red Kit - £150.00
Single Pump Pnuematic
   Gun Slip
    Red Dot Sight
    2500 4.5 BB's
    Rollong Target

Combo / Kits

NEW IN Crosman Vital Shot Combo
   Crosman Vital Shot  .22  -
  £220.00  Super Value
   Comes with:

   Mounts & Scope 3x9x40
   Gun bag

  Milbro Explorer Combo
   Milbro Explorer  .22 - £149.99
   4x32 Scope & Mounts, Gun Slip, Pellets
   5 Targets
  NEW IN Kral Devil Camo Kit
   Kral Devil Camo Kit .22  -
Comes with:
   Mounts & Scope 3x9x40 Milldot
   Gun bag
   Gun lock & 5 Targets
    NEW IN Kral Jumbo Hi Cap .177 PCP
   Power: 11.5 ft-lbs   -  £595.00      SOLD
   Stock: Tactical / Folding
   Type: PCP - Comes with Quick Fill Fitting
   Material: Synthetic
   Capacity: 2 x Multi Shot 14 round Magazines
  + Single Shot Tray
   Silencer Thread: 1/2" unf
   Bottle size: 500cc Plus a second 500cc Bottle
   Colour: Camo - Includes Hard Case
  NEW IN Kral Jumbo Hi Cap .177 PCP
Gun Kit with Scope  -  £695.00

  Corona Virus! Special
Crosman Nitro Silver Fox Combo
   Crosman Nitro Silver Fox .22   -  £199.95
   4x32 Scope & Mounts 
   Gun Slip/Bag
   5 Targets      

  Corona Virus! Special

  Crosman 2240 Bespoke Kit

  Crosman 2240 .22
    Pistol Scope & Mounts
    A-Tec Silencer
    CO2 Canisters
    Large Carry Case
  £225.99                         SOLD

    Corona Virus! Special

  Beeman .177 Single Stroke
  Pnuematic Combo

  Beeman  Single Stroke .177
    Pnuematic Combo
    Pistol Scope & Mounts
    Pellets - Targets
    Padded Pouch

£129.99                                SOLD

  Corona Virus! Special

  Victory CP1-M .22 - £280.00
 Bespoke Kit 
Pistol Scope & Mounts
    A-Tec Silencer
    CO2 Canisters
    Pellets - Targets
    9 Shot Magazine
    Large Carry Case


Hand Guns

   Crosman S 1911 Pistol Spring Powered  Single Shot Kit
   Spring Powered, Single Shot 1911 Pistol
   Comes with Sticky Target and 250 BBs
   Black and flat dark earth coloring
   Picatinny rail for accessory mounting
   Golf ball grip pattern for added traction
   Skeletonized trigger
   Ring hammer          

Spring Air Rifles

   Crossman Inferno Junior Synthetic .177 7ft lb - £85.00
                         Gun Specification
    Beeman Bay Cat .177 Spring  - £99.95
                     Gun Specification
   Junior Super Grade XS15 Special Offer!
   Lightweight and designed for beginners
   KIT comes with a tin of pellets and targets - £79-95
   Rifle only £69-95
   Scope not included               Spcial Offer!
     Kral Synthetic .22  -  £119.00 Reduced £110.00
Fibre Optic Sights

Pre-Owned Airguns

    NEW IN
   FX Logun Solo
.177  - £450.00  SOLD
Including Scope - Silencer & 1 Magazine - Bipod
   Excellent Condition  Superb Gun
   (Actual Photo)
     NEW IN   Mint Condition
   Falcon Prarie
.22  - £450.00
Scope & Mounts - 1 Magazine 
   Silencer & Sling
   Actual Photo  
     BSA Airsporter .177 - £280.00
A Classic Underleaver Air Rifle
    Good Condition    (Actual Photo)
   BSA Airsporter .22  - £200.00
    Good Condition. -   NOT Actual Photo

Pre-Owned Air Pistols

   Black 1911 - Co2  4.5 BB - £89.99
   Good Condition        SOLD

      HSF Clay Shooting Jacket  - £44.99
     Sizes XL & XXL

Phoenix Field Sports Supplies
37 - 41 High Street, Old Town, Bridlington, YO16 4PR
Phone: 01262-605512   Mobile: 07778342464