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Field Sports Supplies


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Torches - gunlights     


New Available In Stock Torches & Gunlights




    Remington Tactical Torch  -  £34.00
Our TACTLED™ tactical torch emits latest led
   technology, an intense pure white light giving the
   ultimate in brightness.
   Built to our high specifications, the TACTLED™
   has been designed to use minimal battery power,
   extending its life, whilst maintaining constant
   pure brightness.

   Our complete set enables you to fit the TACTLED™
   to any rifle scope, when matched with our weaver
   mounts it can fit many pistols also, or be used a
   powerful compact torch.

   Twin ring mount system fits all 26mm (1”) scope tubes
   Mount system includes side weaver/picatinny rails
   Remote tail pressure & tactical cap switch included
   Sturdy & durable yet lightweight & compact
   Burn time up to 7 hours with non-rechargeable
   batteries.Two lithium cr123a batteries included
   Waterproof design, up to 100m range
   Suitable for scopes up to 50mm objective lens
   Aluminium casing and reflector
   Perfect for close range pest control

      Clulite Super Bright Re Charable LED -  £65.99

   This is a small but powerful LED Gun Light with a
   remarkable beam for its size of up 125 metres.

   It comes complete with Clulite’s unique 25 and 30mm
   dual gun mounting kit. Supplied with remote and push
   button switch. Runs from a Li-ion battery and lasts
   up to 3 hours on high beam and 6 hours on low.

   Duration - 3 continuous hours on high beam 6 hours
   on low.
   Beam - 125 metres
   Battery - 3.7v 18650 PCB/BMS Li-ion Battery
   Bulb - CREE LED
   Weight - 221g with battery & mount
   Size - Length 130mm

   Supplied with Lamp, battery, dual gun mounting
   kit, mains  & vehicle charger, stock mountable
   remote pressure switch, tailcap switch, dual mount
   (25/30mm) & wrist strap.
   Makes a great hand held torch2a.

   MAG-LITE LED Flashlight- £21.99

  Clulite Professional 500 Lumen LED rechargeable
  torch with an impressive beam of 300m - £19.99

   Clulite Mini LED Pocket Light  -  £7.50
   Compact & lightweight with a beam shining up to 100m.
   Only 85mm in length, the small but powerful torch
   runs from a single AAA battery.
   Supplied with battery & pocket clip.

  KONUS Rechargeable torch  -  £49.99
  With remote control double function
  With rifle attachement
  CREE XM L2 2 led


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