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New Available In Stock Shotgun Cartridges

Please Note : Cartridge prices may vary depending on the quantity
Phoenix purchases. Other brands may also be stocked not listed on
the website. Please call in and enquire.

  Eley Vip Steel 32g Plastic size3 12 guage -  250  £69.00

The impact force of our VIP steel cartridges are a firm
  favourite in wetlands; with purpose manufactured
  steel shot, consistent shot patterns and manufactured
  -for-purpose powder.This steel range is perfect on
  smaller, fast moving wildfowl.
  The plastic shot cup ensures a VIP delivery
  out of your gun.

*Only to be used in steel proofed guns. Always check
  instructions provided with your gun and always read the instructions provided
  on the cartridge box.

   Eley Hi-Flyer 28g Fibre size6 20 guage -  250 £84.00

   Loaded in 67 mm case configuration with a
   full range of loads form 28, 30 and 32 gram,
   fibre and plastic wad these have been used by
   game shooters, pest controllers, rough shooters
   to great effect on all vermin, game and ground game.

   Ely Pigeon Select 30g size6 12guage - 250 £62.50

   Specifically designed to produce performance,
   demanded by the modern pigeon shooter, looking
   for the optimum carridge for use during roost
   shooting, decoying and flighting at a competitive
price in the current market. This cartridge has proved
itself strong in the field time and time again. Clean efficient kills over decoy patterns
throgh roosts or over flight lines - technically this is the best value load we have
produced to date. Significantly this cartridge has a full 30 gram load and a true 6 shot
for perfect pigeon performance.

   Eley VIP game 30g Fibre 30g size5 - 250 £96.00

   VIP Game - in the 28, 30 and 32 gram load
   in both fibre and photodegradeable wad is
   the cartridge of choice for Lord James Percy
   - one of the most renowned game shots of his
   generation. In his own words- "We have used a
vast amount of Eley VIP at Linhope over the years all of which performed faultlessly"
Once you shoot with Eley VIP's nothing else is quite the same.
Superior patterning and ballistics ensure the best in class performance.

   Eley VIP Steel HP Lightening 32g size5 12guage
  250 £85.99

   The unique SSB+ 150 powder excels even in humid
   conditions and is manufactured to ensure excellent
   ballistics on steel loads and designed to work in
   semi autos. This load is the ideal ultra high
   performance steel load.

  *Only to be used in steel proofed guns*. Always check
   instructions provided with your gun and always read
the instructions provided on the cartridge box.

   Eley Superb 28g size5 12guage -
 250 £69.99

The Superb lives up to its name in every sense
   of the word. The recoil is smooth, and powerful
   clay breaks for all disciplines ensure this is
   the best all round cartridge we produce.
   The shells are colour coded for those who like
to recognise the shot size in the cartridge pouch and the clay-busting magnum shot
will ensure you break clays whatever your discipline.
Upgraded to a silver cartridge finish and a full range of shot sizes, and now
released in a fibre version for fibre only shooting grounds, this cartridge has a
following all of its own in the clay shooting world.

   Hull VIP Superfast Pigeon 29g size6 12guage
  250 £85.99

   A great bit of kit for decoying.
   Now available throughout the year.
   Hard hitting and semi -  auto friendly.
   Affordable and effective.
   Biodegradable fibre wad. 70mm chambers.

 Various Victory Cartridges in stock Please Enquire

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