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Pneumatic PCP Airguns

pneumatic multi stroke airguns      
you must be 18 or over to purchase airguns

  pneumatic airguns use compressed air for power
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PURCHASE will depend on MAKE and Condition
If you no longer use your air rifle it could be worth
Classic Original Air Rifles Wanted
Diana - BSA - Webley etc

New In Stock Or To Order
Pneumatic Multi Stroke Airguns
Artimis LR700W Hand Pump Air Rifle .177  - £219.95
9 shots for 4.5mm
3 pumps 600fps/ 4 pumps 700fps/ 8 pumps 800fps for 4.5mm
This pneumatic weapon has a nice wooden stock, rubber shoulder pad, manual safety and a front and rear sight.
The LR700W also has a checkered grip and an adjustable trigger.
   Nova Vista Phantom Elite .177 or BB  - £119.95
This air rifle is able to fire both 4.5mm bb's and
 177 pellets to help with the pumping function there
 is a ergonomic grip handle to aid the shooter.

 The new Phantom Elite also features top and side
 accessory mounting rails and removable and
 adjustable rear sight.

               Gun Specification
Available To Order Pneumatic Multi Stroke Airguns
We order mainly from the following companies but we will try and
source makes not stocked.
  Range Right     Armex      SMK
Pre Owned Pneumatic Multi Stroke Airguns
None Available at the moment

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