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New Available In Stock Lighting Equipment
PAO Lighting

   A powerful, interchangeable, IR 850 Infra-Red Illuminator
  module for more effective use of Night Vision Googles or
  Monoculors. A high capacity, long-life Li-Ion “18650”
  rechargeable batterywhich–uniquely-has a built in
  micro-USB charging port. A remote pressure switch and a
  standard base switch allowing the unit to be used as a
  standalone torch. A “Universal” QR scope mount that
  allows the torch to be quickly attached/detached from
  either 25mm or 30mm bodied scopes. Two filters-Red, &
  Green–for differing light conditions. Rigid Case with
  Bespoke cut-foam interior. “Two in One” functionality of
  an ultra-high-power torch -and a powerful Infra-Red
  Illuminator provides leading edge technology at a market
  beating price. PAO® LumenMAX 900 IR - £119.99
Cluelite Lighting

    Clulite PLR-500 - £74.00

The budget hand held rechargeable searchlight with
    a powerful 500m beam.

    The lamp is fitted with lightweight lithium-ion
    batteries which produces 2-3 hours continuous duration.


   Clulite La11 Led Lazerlite - £69.99

   The brightest and whitest single 25watt LED
   hand held lamp available on the market with
   an incredible 750m beam. Powered by any
   12v DC supply with everlasting LED

    Clulite LA9 - £68.99

The Blazerlite 2 million candle power hand held spotlight
    has a piercing white spot beam with double bulb fitted
    with jack plug connectionrm


  Clulite CLU Briter Flame - £79.99         NEW IN
   Super bright 700m beam - 1000 lumens
   Everlasting LED - no replacement bulbs needed
   High & low mode with added strobe feature
   Duration 3 hours on high & 15 hours on low
   High impact case with shock absorbing rim
   Self contained Li-ion battery
   Lightweight 540g
   Mains, USB & vehicle charger supplied
   Optional extras
   Coloured Filters - red, amber, green or blue (A66P)
    Club-1 Clu-Brighter - £58.99

   Duration - High Beam 3 hours - 20 hours low
   Beam - 600 metres
   Battery - 4.8v 2200mAH NiMH
   Bulb - CREE XPG2 R4 LED
   Weight - 0.6kg
   Mains Smart Charger
   Recharge time 8 hours
   Vehicle Charger
      Clulite PP4E -  £59.99

   Clulite's 12v 17amp with Canvas Shoulder pack the
   most reliable on the market

   Clulite PP13 -  £57.99

   The PP13 is a lightweight Li-ion 12v DC power pack
   weighing only 360gm

   Clulite PP1R -  £49.99

   Clulite's 12v 7amp Rigid Shoulder pack the most
   reliable on the marketg

Battery Chargers


    Clutlite CH38 - £16.99

    For the Clulite's NEW PLR-400 & PLR-500 Torches

      Clulite CH5/CH5L - £13.99

    12v Linea Charger Fitted with Jack Plug
    Clulite Mains Charger CH5L for Torches
    CB1 CB2 SM126 & SM126PC

Clulite Filters & Bulbs

   Clulite A67 -  £14.99
   Easy to fit and simple to use the A67 filter is a must
   have accessory for the MG125 gun light


   Clulite BU23A12V-50W-XENON -  £10.99

   XENON gas filled Bulb to fit cluson/clulite lamps.
   (Main Bulb) compatible code BU23 and
   BU23(A) = 12V - 50W

Available To Order Lighting Equipments
We order mainly from the following companies but we will try and
source makes not stocked.
  Range Right     Armex      SMK
Pre Owned Lighting Equipment
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