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Field Sports Supplies


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Gun Slips - cartridge bags - belts     


New Available In Stock Gun Slips-Bags-Belts


    Armex Buckingham Gun Slip - £99.00

     Armex Buckingham Cartridge Bag - £99.00

     Armex Cartridge Belt- £95.00

    Jack Pike Cartridge Bag - £11.95
  Jack Pike Green Canvas Cartridge Bag - £49.95
  Air Force One Tactical  Rifle Case - £59.99

Overall Dimensions: 122cm (48”) x 30cm (12”) x 8cm (3”)

    Anti-Static, Waterproof, Thornproof and Rotproof

   Heavy Duty, Fully Adjustable, deeply padded shoulder
   straps  fitted   with metal “D” ring accessory hooks

   Velcroed carry-handle for vertical transportation

   Multiple exterior velcroed storage compartments
   provide more than ample storage for Pellets, Silencers,
   CO2 Capsules, Shooting Documents & Cleaning Kits.

   The storage options continue with an external
   70cm (27”) x 30cm (12”) fully zipped compartment, ideal
   for storing scarfs, gloves face masks etc and a further
   zipped area  built within the case’s lining

   A top-quality full-length zip allows the case to be folded
   flat to make a handy shooting mat.

   Practical, Versatile, Rugged Quality

   Air Force One Hunter Scoped Rifle Slip - £22.99
  AirForceOne Large Scoped Gun Slip - £29.00
   (Digital Woodland’ camo)
   Range Right Padded Gun Slip - £19.99
   Anglo Arms Camo Gun Slip- £25.99
    Jack Pike English Oak Camo Gun Slip- £38.00
    Jack Pike Canvas Gun Slip - £34.00
   Jack Pike Super Scope Gun Slip - £39.95
   Jack Pike Green Canvas Shotgun Slip - £55.00
   Norica Gun Slip- £24.00
   Remington Gun Slip- £24.00
   Range Right Guardian Luxan Leather Gun Slip- £89.99
    Range Right Economy Camo Gun Slip- £15.00 
   Swiss Arms Tactical Gun Slip

   Large -

Small - £24.99

Adjustable - £69.99
  SMK Green Padded Gun Slip - £24.99

Canvas padded slip

   Webbed hinges and handles

   Zipped pocket

   Includes shoulder straps
     SMK Budget Green Gun Slip - £14.95

Phoenix Field Sports Supplies
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