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Field Sports Supplies


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New Available In Stock Decoys

     Jack Pyke Flying Pigeon Decoy - £14.95

Flocked full bodied pigeon decoy with foam
   detachable wings and tail with holes to take a cradle.

     Jack Pyke Flocked Pigeon Full Body Decoy £6.50

   Realistic flocking & colouring,
   solid peg mounting. Lightweight.


    Jack Pyke Flocked Pigeon Shell Decoy -  £5.50

   Realistic flocking & colouring, sprung peg giving
   realistic movement. Stackable, lightweight.
      Jack Pyke Flocked Crow Decoy  -  £6.50

   Realistic flocking & colouring, with black
   sprung peg giving realistic movement.
   Stackable, lightweight.
   Fud Decoys Greylag  -  £68.99
      Jack Pyke Flying Cradle  -  £2.95

   Metal cradle with clamp fixing.s
    Jackck Pyke Super Floater Pole  -  £15.95

   Extends from approx 4ft (122cm) to 7ft (212cm).
   Closes down to 57” (145cm). Folding brackets with
   fixing clips and head spike. Will take a dead bird
   or Jack Pyke flying decoy. Spike length 25cm.


  Decoy Carousel  -  £45.00

Decoy Calls
   Range Right Jay/Magpie Decoy Call  -  £8.00
    Bird Warbler/Fox Decoy Call  -  £3.99
  Acme Bird & Game Calls  -  £7.00


     Deluxe plaited Lanyard  -  £9.99
    Traditional Lanyard  -  £3.99

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