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Co2 Airguns.  FULL Description Here

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PURCHASE will depend on MAKE and Condition
If you no longer use your air rifle it could be worth
Classic Original Air Rifles Wanted
Diana - BSA - Webley etc

New In Stock Or Available To Order Co2 Airguns

 Umarex legends Cowboy Co2 Rifle- £350.00
  Its underlever operation and loading shell ejection
  make it feel just like a repeater from the old days.
  The classic design and antique finish, based on legendary
  Winchester models, add to the overall effect.
  The Cowboy Rifle is also a winner when it comes
  to accuracy.
  It is easy to grip and has convincing design features,
  including an all-metal break-down frame.
  With its combination of advanced CO2 technology
  and nostalgic charm, this rifle is sure to offer plenty
  of fun. .177 BB
 This new Co2 Uzi from Umarex has a 28 BB capacity
  magazine with a double action trigger and a metal
  inner barrel.
  This fires .177 metal bbs at up to 400fps with a blow
  back action! Comes with silencer.  -
    SNY XS78 Sniper Tactical .177 - .22 - £250.00  SALE
 INCLUDES: Bipod, Scope, Mounts,Sound Moderator
    and Multi Shot Mag.

                 Gun Specification
    Victory CP2 Multishot Camo or Black .177 - £199.95
    Camo version in stock
              Gun Specification

     Victory CP2 Multishot Camo or Black .177 - £199.95
Black version in stock
              Gun Specification
Pre Owned Co2 Airguns

    Victory CP2 Multishot Camo .122 - £199.00
    Box Complete with 4 x 32 Scope
    Mint Condition. Not actual photo
    Victory CP2 Multishot Black .122 - £150.00
   4 x 32 Scope
    Mint Condition. Not actual photo

Available To Order Co2 Airguns
We order mainly from the following companies but we will try and
source makes not stocked.
  Range Right     Armex      SMK

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